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Quality real estate can help you through volatile markets and act as an inflation hedge

The real estate shakeup

The way we use real estate is changing. Ten years ago, some property types would never have existed
Charlene Huang
APAC co-head of Multi-Managers,
Real Estate and Private Markets

We bring >9,000 institutional-quality properties in one portfolio

Our flagship global multi-manager property strategy invests in institutional-quality properties across sectors and is available to you in an easy-to-access fund format. The strategy is

High quality

Our ‘core’ investment approach means focusing on high-quality, tier-one properties in prime locations.

Our strategy receives multiple, consistent income streams, and supports the portfolio’s stable returns over time.


Health science, offices, multi-family, logistics, industrials, senior housing, student accommodation, retail sectors – we’ve got it covered.

Our properties are located across US, Europe and Asia.


Our properties have strong rental demand and we are tilted towards sectors less correlated to the economic cycle:

  • Life science
  • Senior and student housing
  • Industrials

Invest alongside one of the world’s largest real estate manager

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UBS Asset Management is one of the largest real estate managers globally with AUM of over $95 billion. We run a multi-manager real estate platform, and also offer single country, regional and global strategies.

We are not a REIT!

We invest in real estate differently. Our flagship strategy

  • is unlisted
  • puts money to work directly in properties
  • invests through multi specialized managers.

In the last 14 years, this approach has proven to be less volatile than traditional REITS and with lower volatility than that for global bonds.

We are not reit

Building defensiveness in real estate portfolios

As challenges around global economy mount, it is important for investors to focus on defensive real estate sectors which are not as correlated to the economic cycle. These sectors include industrials, life sciences and residential.

Life sciences is a strong defensive component of the portfolio

Life sciences is less correlated to the economic cycle. It is also a growth area, reflecting higher levels of capital inflows into the industry.

The aging population drives advancement in medicine and genome therapy, resulting in increased demand for lab space. In fact, global R&D spending by pharmaceutical companies are expected to grow at 4.2% CAGR between 2020-2026.

Residential Assets

Residential assets offers income stability across economic cycles

Residential sectors like student and senior housing have the lowest vacancy rate and stable income returns.

These niche sectors benefit from the strong socio-demographic trends like population growth and an aging population.

Strong performance in industrials expected although returns may be tempered by rising rates

Supply chain disruptions are driving businesses to be more resilient with stock levels, boosting demand for warehouse space.

While there are some concerns that the logistics sector maybe over-heated, the long-term demand remains positive.

Advantages of unlisted, multi-manager real estate investing

Ways of investing in real estate

You can invest directly, through unlisted or listed vehicles like REITs

Unlisted real estate funds

Get the best of real estate investing through an unlisted, multi-manager portfolio.

This approach offers you:

  • Higher diversification vs buying properties directly
  • Lower volatility vs buying REITS
  • Lower capital outlay vs buying properties directly

Access our global property portfolio today

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