Environmental Economics

Left alone, a free market economy won’t preserve the environment and conserve resources. Businesses can pollute, people can make bad environmental decisions. That’s why economists address how government intervention can help secure a clean and healthy environment. Can environmental economics help in the fight against climate change? How can we provide the right incentives for a transition to energy efficiency? Nobel Laureates discuss the challenges of climate change, renewable energy and the way to economic sustainability.

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Green economics: Do we have to choose between growth and sustainability?

How can we design a solution to climate change?

What do plunging global markets have to do with climate change? The need to step in first, by designing mechanisms that prevent such crises, says Nobel economist Eric Maskin.

Can environmental economics provide a solution to climate change?

The human impact on the environment is the topic of the century and plans to mitigate the effects are on the table across the globe. With the number of environmental economists on the rise, are we closer to a climate change solution?

Can people be nudged into better behaviour using choice architecture?

While most people care about the human impact on the environment, they do little to change their own behavior. Can economists use choice architecture to nudge people into making more sustainable decisions

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