Lot of games and lots of learning

Kids of all ages, including parents, grandparents, godfathers and godmothers, had fun at the first Topsy environment event. It’s good, then, that we’ll be holding more events like this one.

It’s 10:00 a.m. on a Saturday morning in early June. At the foot of the Uetliberg mountain, several families are bringing the quiet forest of Uitikon-Waldegg to life. They're all taking part in a Topsy environment event as the lucky winners of a prize draw.

The kids quickly forget all about Mom and Dad. The first kids to arrive spot Topsy and run up to him. “High five, Topsy!” exclaims a little boy. “Can you talk?” asks a girl.

Topsy’s taller than I thought.

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Six big challenges

They’ve got it all in the bag!

As soon as the participants are equipped with their Topsy drinking bottles and bags, the fun and games begin. There are six games to discover as well as many tricky tasks to overcome. Some UBS employees helped out at a few of the games. Making their way to the final location, it’s not only the children who learn a lot about nature and protecting the environment; the adults do too.

Finally, they earn a bite to eat from the barbecue. All participants, big and small, have the chance to prepare and grill their own kebab. And best of all: Topsy came to the party too – and even entertained his friends with games like a sack race, pick-up sticks, Uno and an exciting treasure hunt.

Bright eyes all around, big and small

“This event was so worthwhile for all of us. The kids had great fun, played a lot in the fresh air and still learned lots too,” said Tamara Cantaffa who attended with her own daughter, her neighbor and neighbor's children. “From the weather to Topsy to the barbecue party – our family had a great morning,” enthused Jugomir Keric, a father who brought his whole family to the event.