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Our job is to help you set goals and then create a plan to achieve them, whether it’s growing the family wealth or leaving a legacy.

While guiding you through the world of investments and planning for the future we'll understand your personal situation and financial goals.

With our global resources and investment expertise, we’ll support you in choosing an investment strategy and constructing a portfolio to meet your long-term objectives.

Together we’ll help you achieve your life goals.

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It all starts with getting to know you. Together we’ll identify your priorities and work out a plan – one that fits for today or for where you want to be in the future. Our perspective? Always looking ahead.

Step 1 Identifying your values and objectives

The first step is to try to understand you. We look at your financial situation, which helps us understand the risk you’re able to take. We look at your financial goals, which define the returns you require. We look at your financial personality, which dictates the risk you’re willing to take. And finally, we look at your values and interests, which reveal the type of investments and opportunities you may wish to consider. Taking these points into account, we ask five questions to guide us in finding the right investment strategy for you:


What do you want to accomplish in your life?


Who are the people that matter most to you?


What do you want your legacy to be?


What are your main concerns?



How do you plan to achieve your life’s vision?


To provide cash flow in the short term to help maintain your lifestyle


For longer-term needs to help improve your lifestyle


For needs that go beyond your own to help improve the lives of others

Step 2 Building your financial plan

The second step is to turn your goals into a plan. Our Liquidity. Longevity. Legacy.* planning approach is a systematic way of making your goals more tangible and identifying the investment strategies you should consider. A Liquidity strategy is designed to fund expenditures and meet liabilities for the next two to five years. A Longevity strategy helps you meet your financial goals for the remainder of your lifetime. And a Legacy strategy is for assets in excess of what you need to meet your lifetime objectives.

Step 3 Choosing an investment strategy

The third step is to set you up with an investment strategy that will help you achieve your financial goals and stick to your plan. Our standard global strategic asset allocation—designed for investors who seek a balanced approach to preserving and growing their wealth over time—aims to efficiently generate returns for a target level of risk over the course of an economic cycle. It benefits from diversification across regions, and invests in traditional liquid asset classes such as bonds and equities, as well as alternative asset classes like hedge funds. But we also have other strategies depending on investor goals and preferences:

Global strategic asset allocation

Global with Home bias strategic asset allocation

Systematic allocation

Sustainable investing

Global strategic asset allocation without NTAC (non traditional asset classes)

Bespoke solutions (above 25m)

Now we understand your dreams, ambitions and needs –investing right could help you meet or even exceed them. Our experts will support you in creating a portfolio that aims to deliver the returns you expect; all in line with your financial plan and risk tolerance.

We appreciate that every investor is unique. We’ll work with you to find the solution that suits you best.

Globally connected

You deserve real expertise: How we work with you

Your main point of contact is your client advisor. Through your dedicated advisor, you and your family have access to our wide range of wealth management services and global network.

Your advisor is supported by our global capabilities and resources. This includes our Chief Investment Office (CIO) and a number of financial experts, namely fund and investment specialists as well as wealth and financial planners, corporate advisors, lending and mortgage specialists.

With these tools and resources at the ready, we’re able to deliver the best for your personal portfolio.

World-class research for your investments

UBS House View

UBS Chief Investment Office (CIO) produces daily, weekly and monthly publications that cover our multi-asset views and support you with market insights, clear analysis and innovative ideas.

Our investment philosophy

We encourage a culture of challenge and diversity of opinion.

Every month, we invite global investment leaders from the fund management industry to challenge our UBS House View. We address global financial questions to make sure we never sin through over-confidence. 

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Setting a new course (Global report)

Setting a new course (Global report)

The pandemic inspired investors to focus on the things that truly matter to them. While thinking about their future, and the future of their loved ones, many investors have realized the importance of reviewing their financial plans. At the same time, the pandemic had an impact on how investors think about their money. This is why they are asking their financial advisor for assistance more than ever. This is what we found in our research. UBS Wealth Way meets this request to help investors planning for their future.

Setting a new course (Italy insights)

Setting a new course (Italy insights)

Italian investors confirm global trend: Covid 19 has changed their habits, probably forever, and financial concerns are added to concerns about health, family and profession. The future is uncertain and investors ask more advice on how to plan their finances.

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