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Professionalism, confidentiality and advanced fiduciary services for you, your family and your company.

Are you looking for a customized solutions to manage and protect your assets? We’ re here for you. (OR We are here to help.)

UBS Fiduciaria is your ideal partner if you want to optimize the planning, administration and protection of the assets of your family or business, with and with professionalism and confidentiality vis-à-vis third parties.

Together, Stronger

The merger of UBS Fiduciaria and Credit Suisse Servizi Fiduciari further strengthens our position in the market. 

Our clients will continue to receive excellent service, and benefit from an even broader range of solutions, the expertise of the best specialists in the market and economies of scale.

With over 25 years of local experience we are today one of the leading fiduciaries in Italy. We also enjoy the unique advantage of being a leading and truly global wealth manager, with resources and expertise in the management of substantial private assets.

Why choose UBS Fiduciaria

The main fiduciary services for you, your family and, your business

  • Fiduciary mandates, with and or without title/ responsibility (??)
  • Trusteeship relationships with banks and financial intermediaries, including those abroad, to ensure discretion and confidentiality of your data
  • Withholding agents in relations with banks or foreign intermediaries, exempting you (??) from certain complex regulatory requirements
  • Consolidated view of your assets including with third parties to monitor overall risk and costs incurred, and to , track trends
  • Execution of deeds of gift on behalf of the settlors
  • Planning for property, insurance and inheritance

In addition, we offer specific and dedicated services to entrepreneurs, such as

  • Mandates to collect on escrow agreements(??)
  • Support with M&A transactions
  • Administration of shareholder agreements

Find out how UBS can help entrepreneurs with their businesses, families and assets.

By our client’s side, with customized fiduciary solutions


Trusteeship of assets: Administration of financial assets, investments and others, and  assets. Estate management encompasses the planning and allocation of financial resources and activities to achieve specific goals.

Escrow agreement: A trust agreement in which a third party (the escrow agent) holds funds, documents or other assets until certain contractual conditions are met.

Fiduciary header (title/responsibility??): The formal assignment of assets or bank accounts to a trustee. The trust title allows the trustee to administer these assets on behalf of the beneficiary.

Fiduciary mandate: A legal agreement in which one party, the trustee, is charged with administering assets or assets in the interest of another party, the beneficiary, following specific instructions.

Mandate to collect: A service in which a third party, such as a bank or trustee, collects payments on behalf of a client from a third party, ensuring that funds are collected securely.

M&A (Mergers and Acquisitions): Acquisitions, mergers or consolidation of companies. These transactions may involve the purchase of shares, assets, or other business entities.

Estate planning: Strategic design of wealth management, including tax planning, succession and asset protection to ensure a smooth transition for future generations.

Succession planning: Preparation of legal plans to ensure an efficient and legally compliant distribution of the estate in the future, often in the event of the death of the owner.

Withholding agent: A financial intermediary that plays the role of collecting and remitting taxes on behalf of a taxpayer. This makes it easier for the taxpayer to comply with their tax obligations.

Consolidated view of assets: It provides a comprehensive, unified view of all of an individual's or company's financial assets, including investments, bank accounts, property, liabilities, and more. This helps to assess the overall performance and costs of the assets.

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