Index investments

Delivering comprehensive index solutions

Our expertise

UBS Asset Management has a long history of managing indexed and rules-driven strategies across asset classes. We have a flexible investment platform enabling us to create bespoke solutions to meet clients' objectives as well as offer standard solutions in ETFs, pooled funds and segregated mandates.

We utilize physical and synthetic replication as well as sampling methodologies to replicate benchmarks ranging from mainstream regional and global indices to highly customized solutions, all supported by innovative proprietary technology.

Our approach

Wide product shelf and customizable solutions

We offer a wide range of index strategies across asset classes, from traditional to alternative, but we specialize in providing customized solutions, which accounts for more than 50% of our invested assets.

Expertise in alternative beta

We have developed our core in-house alternative beta analytical framework, allowing us to research, analyze, blend and implement alternative beta portfolios for our clients for over a decade.

Tech-driven portfolio construction

We use our scalable and proprietary systems to create portfolios that incorporate clients’ objectives, balance risk budget and trading costs, and can fully integrate ESG factors.

Innovative approaches to product

We bring innovative solutions to clients based on extensive research in the rules-based space, including intelligent indexing, alternative beta, and our award-winning UBS Climate Aware strategy.

Long-standing expertise in sustainable investing

With more than 10 years’ experience managing sustainable portfolios, we are also one of the largest providers of sustainable ETFs in Europe.

Deep global resources, cost effective solutions

We have a global presence in all major trading hubs – and have a strong relationship with both traditional and non-traditional index providers.

Our offering

We offer a wide range of index strategies across asset classes, including traditional, alternative beta, Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG), commodities, multi-asset, real estate and emerging market debt. These are available via a variety of instruments – from Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), pooled funds and segregated mandates to customized solutions.

Index funds

Our traditional index funds aim to deliver the return of the underlying benchmark with very low tracking error by controlling risk and maximizing value. Examples include alternative beta strategies, which generally track an index whose methodology is driven by some rule or factor(s) other than simple market capitalization, or our award-winning Climate Aware solution which was designed to capitalize on the long-term transition to a low greenhouse gas emissions economy.

Customized solutions

If you require a more bespoke approach, we can tailor a portfolio solution linked to a broad range of benchmarks, from mainstream regional and global indices to highly customized solutions, all supported by our proprietary technology.

Our commitment to sustainable investing across our indexing business has helped us grow to become the second-largest European manager of indexed assets.

Ian Ashment, Head of Systematic & Index Investments at UBS Asset Management