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UBS Wealth Management is proud to serve individuals and their families with over USD1 million in investible assets.

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House View

The UBS CIO House View examines the impact of current economic trends on asset allocation based on our assessment of the global economy and financial markets. We offer daily, weekly and monthly publications that cover our multi-asset views. Discover the latest outlook on markets and investments from our investment specialists.

UBS Live Podcast series: Up To Speed with UBS

Episode 12: Red flags that VCs should look out for 

Speaker: Arthur Law, Co-founder, Vectr Ventures
Date: Tuesday, 14 June, 2022

“No one is more than two or three phone calls away: we're gonna get down to the truth,” says Arthur Law, co-founder of Vectr Ventures, in the final episode of season one of our podcast, Up to Speed with UBS. Arthur Law shares why you shouldn't become a founder for the Lamborghini, qualities he’s looking for in deals right now, and why you should remember what your mother taught you when pitching to a venture capitalist. 

Episode 11: The Future of Giving 

Speaker: Dee Dee Chan, Chief Investment Officer, Park Lane Capital Holdings

Focus on changing one person’s life, not the entire world, says Dee Dee Chan, Chief Investment Officer of Park Lane Capital Holdings and Director of Seal of Love Charitable Foundation, in the latest episode of Up to Speed with UBS. Dee Dee talks about collaborative giving as the future of philanthropy, why there’s a new energy and dynamism in the space, and how we can leverage technology to get more people giving. 

Episode 10: Understanding the Influencer Economy

Speaker: Juliette Gimenez, Co-founder and CEO, Goxip

The influencer economy isn’t about influencers anymore, it’s about entrepreneurs, says Juliette Gimenez, co-founder and CEO of fashion and beauty e-commerce platform Goxip and influencer marketing platform RewardSnap. On the tenth episode of Up to Speed with UBS, Juliette talks about how investors and influencers can make a formidable team, why nothing comes close to their talent for audience acquisition, and why influencers today are more like full-blown entrepreneurs.

Episode 9: The Science of Succession Planning

Speaker: Francesca Chan, Director, Family Advisory Greater China, UBS GWM

It’s not about who will take the reins, but how, says Francesca Chan, Director from the Family Advisory Greater China at UBS, about the science of succession planning on the ninth episode of Up to Speed with UBS. Francesca talks about how family businesses can ensure their legacy, why clear rules are key to maintaining harmony during a succession, and how to nurture your future successor without causing a family rift.

Episode 8: Creating a brand for Gen Z

Speaker: Jerry Haha, Director, Artificial Dust

In our eighth episode of 'Up To Speed with UBS', we have with us Jerry Haha, director of Artificial Dust, a creative studio based in Hong Kong. Jerry is a trailblazer and multifaceted artist with a keen understanding of the market and its audiences. Instead of relying on Gen Z stereotypes and big data, he urges brands to connect authentically with their community and to build their brand for the right reasons. Hear more about how brand building starts with empathy and why you should employ your community.

Episode 7: SPACs: Here to stay?

Speaker: Eva Lee, Head CIO Equities Greater China, UBS GWM, CIO

Are SPACs here for the long term? Eva Lee, the head of Greater China equities at UBS Global Wealth Management’s Chief Investment Office, answers this in the seventh episode of Up to Speed with UBS. Eva talks about the return of these ‘blank cheque’ companies; how they are a founder-driven investment concept—high risk and potentially high return; and where you’re most likely to find the next Tesla.

Episode 6: Using NFTs for good

Speaker: Max Song, Founder and CEO, Carbonbase

NFTs can help us save the world, says Max Song, the founder and CEO of climate tech company Carbonbase, on the sixth episode of Up to Speed with UBS. Max Song talks about taking NFTs beyond just digital art; incentivising climate action through a new sort of NFT model, preserve-to-earn; and how he’s going about creating a green metaverse.

Episode 5: Asia’s booming wellness industry

Speaker: Candice Chan, Co-founder, LifeHub 

Healthspan is the new lifespan, says Candice Chan, the co-founder of LifeHub, which delivers personalized, science-backed health services, on the fifth episode of Up to Speed with UBS. Candice shares how we can counteract the stressful 996 lifestyle, why mental health is set to take centre stage in the coming years and what today’s era of self-optimization and self-personalization means for investors.

Episode 4: Building a Fintech Unicorn

Speaker: Kelvin Lei, CEO, AQUMON

Scalability and the right founding team are key factors to building the next unicorn, says CEO of forefront fintech unicorn AQUMON Kelvin Lei on the fourth episode of Up To Speed with UBS. Lei talks shares the stories behind the scenes of AQUMON’s meteoric success, why there’s a 59 trillion US dollar opportunity sitting in fintech wealth management, and why self-confidence isn’t just about belief, it’s about having a deep understanding your industry and sector.

Episode 3: Asia’s Appetite for Alternative Protein

Speaker: Sonalie Figueiras, Founder and editor-in-chief, Green Queen Media

“There has never been a bigger opportunity to rethink the way we eat,” says founder and editor-in-chief of Green Queen Media Sonalie Figueiras on the third episode of Up To Speed with UBS. Figueiras explains how Singapore’s forward thinking put the region on the map, the consumer need for localised, regionalised cuisine, and the untapped alternative seafood opportunity. The most exciting part? Asia’s growing appetite for alternative protein: “there's a lot more scope to kind of explore and create, and really take risks,” Figueiras shares.

Episode 2: Exploring the Metaverse

Speaker: Keith Rumjahn, Co-founder and CEO, OliveX

Although people may make fun of it now– the metaverse won’t be put back in the bottle, says co-founder and CEO of OliveX and creator of the DOSE token Keith Rumjahn on the second episode of Up To Speed with UBS. Keith shares why Web 3.0 isn’t here to take everyone’s lunch; it’s different this time round, why high usage habits from metaverse early adopters is a key trend to watch. As Rumjahn explains, “what is the metaverse going to create? We don't know yet, and that's why it’s so exciting.

Episode 1: The Future of Sustainable Fashion

Speaker: Walden Lam, Co-Founder and CEO, Unspun

In the first episode of Up To Speed with UBS, sustainable fashion innovator Walden Lam talks about what will drive fashion’s biggest sustainability successes, how his AI-designed jeans are today’s zero-waste kimono and why marketing dollars in sustainable fashion are spent on the wrong things.

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Your values define you. But do your investments reflect who you are? Sustainable investing takes ecological, social and business ethics into account. Learn more about why sustainable investing matters, what it is, its benefit to firms and what you need to know to make a difference

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UBS Wealth Management is proud to serve individuals and their families with over USD1 million in investible assets.