Giving back

Giving back

It's great knowing you're helping make the world a better place. Perhaps you want to improve lives. Maybe you would like to invest in companies or projects that help society and the environment. Or you might want to do both. UBS Philanthropy Services will help you realize your vision of a better world.

With UBS, you'll have a partner that looks beyond money to learn what motivates you. By understanding what's close to your heart, we'll make sure your philanthropy is personal and rewarding.

As one of the first banks to engage in philanthropy, we've grown to become a global team of over 30 experts. So, you can feel sure our expertise and solutions will help you achieve your philanthropic ambitions.

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Establish your plans

Our private advisory sessions will help you visualize and define your ambitions, and understand how to achieve them.

Work with others

Share ideas and achieve more by collaborating with others through our invitation-only Global Philanthropists Community.

Exchange knowledge

Access the best philanthropic thinking, education and support through our research. Stay up-to-date with the latest trends and developments.

We’d like to meet you

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