All over Switzerland people are relying on the support of volunteers. They are advised to not leave their house – either because they are at risk of catching Covid-19 or because they are self-isolating. To ensure that these people still have everything they need, more and more volunteers are signing up for neighborhood help schemes. One of them is UBS employee Ravi Singh from Zug who goes shopping for a family in his neighborhood.

Ravi, how come you are shopping for your neighbors?

A few weeks back I placed a note on the front door of the apartment block where I live to tell everyone that they can ask for help in case they have to go into quarantine or self-isolation due to Covid-19. One of my neighbors, who works in the hospital here in Zug, sent me a message on my mobile. He and his whole family had to self-quarantine for 14 days and were unable to get basic necessities like food, medicines, etc. He asked if I could help them and I gladly agreed.

What does your help involve?

We usually talk on the phone and he gives me a list of medicine or basic food items he and his family need. I then go to the shops, and deliver everything to their door step. We don’t have direct contact. I let them know via phone that they can pick the shopping.

Why did you decide to volunteer?

Helping the community is a great thing to do and I try my best to give back to the community wherever I can. My neighbor’s children have called me a hero and a savior which is very nice. I can only encourage everybody to support their community.

Are you interested in getting involved in your neighborhood too?

There are a number of websites where you can sign up as a volunteer.

Here are just a few:

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