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UBS Employee Engagement

UBS Employee Engagement

UBS and its employees are involved in numerous projects that benefit the community in Switzerland. Our volunteering program and fundraising activities support and empower people, projects and organizations in the areas of education and entrepreneurship as well as the environment, societal issues and culture. We offer all employees in Switzerland the opportunity to take part in over 100 charitable activities covering every part of the country. UBS provides two paid workdays per year for participation in these activities.

Our common goal is to make a meaningful contribution to our communities all across our home market and to shaping Switzerland's future.

Sustainable impact through long-term partnerships

UBS and its employees support organizations and projects that make a contribution to the welfare of society in Switzerland. We aim to maintain long-term partnerships when providing support in order to ensure the impact is sustainable. In this way, a close and cooperative partnership is built up between charitable organizations and UBS that can do long-lasting good.

UBS Foundation for Social Issues and Education

UBS Foundation for Social Issues and Education

The UBS Foundation for Social Issues and Education has been doing all it can for the common good in Switzerland for over 50 years. Grants are focused on education, qualification and occupational integration of people with disadvantages or special needs.

UBS Culture Foundation

UBS Culture Foundation

For more than fifty years, UBS Culture Foundation has been engaged in promoting cultural life and the arts, the exchange between artists and wider society, and advancing the diversity of cultural expression. In particular, we support the creation, dissemination and mediation of contemporary art and culture in Switzerland.

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