Hong Kong, 12 June 2023 – Today marks the start of the first Future-Now APAC conference in Hong Kong. Hosted by UBS, and bringing together more than 800 investors, industry experts and founders, UBS specialists, and companies from across the region, the conference is set to explore the trends that matter today and in the years to come.

“UBS is committed to the Asia Pacific region and sees huge opportunity for growth in the future,” said Taichi TAKAHASHI, Head Investment Bank APAC. “By exploring opportunities and connecting for a better future, we can be there for our clients as their needs evolve.”

During the two-day event, participants are invited to join keynote sessions and panels on a variety of topics, including the exponential rise of Generative AI and the associated risks, the effects of deglobalization on the manufacturing of semiconductors, and the impact of Greentech in helping us tackle decarbonization and other key environmental themes.

“2023 is a transitional year for the tech industry, and we believe Generative AI has the potential to be the biggest tech transformation since mobile/Internet 1.0,” said Nicolas GAUDOIS, Head of Research, ASEAN and Head of APAC Technology. “In a recent UBS Q Series report – part of our industry-leading research – 32 sector teams identified how Generative AI could alter the course for revenue growth, costs savings and competitive dynamics for the industry they cover; the overwhelming sense was, once again, that Gen AI will indeed be transformational.”

Speakers at the conference include:

Jen Zhu SCOTT, Founding Partner, IN. Capital

Prof Pascale FUNG, Chair Professor, Department of Electronic & Computer Engineering at the Hong Kong University of Science & Technology; Director, Centre for Artificial Intelligence Research

Azeem AZHAR, Futurist; International best-selling author and creator of the acclaimed Exponential View newsletter

V.S. SUBRAHMANIAN, Walter P. Murphy Professor of Computer Science; Buffett Faculty Fellow, Northwestern University

Bill RUSSO, Founder and CEO, Automobility

Ross O'BRIEN, Senior Contributing Editor, MIT Tech Review


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