Buenos Aires, Argentina, February 09, 2021Today, UBS BB Investment Bank (“UBS BB”) and Banco Patagonia announced an agreement to provide clients in Argentina with enhanced access to leading investment banking services and international capital markets, in accordance with applicable regulatory requirements. The agreement combines UBS BB’s global and regional platform and experience with Banco Patagonia’s robust capabilities and strong relationships across Argentina.

Working together, UBS BB, through its subsidiary UBS Trading S.A.U., and Banco Patagonia will be positioned to become a top provider of investment banking services in Argentina, with one of the most extensive coverage footprints in the country. The agreement will also expand client access to M&A and advisory services, international debt and equity capital markets, and a broad global network of corporates and investors.

“We continue to see significant growth opportunities in Latin America and are thrilled to work with Banco Patagonia, a strong local player with extensive corporate client relationships in Argentina,” said Daniel Bassan, UBS BB Chief Executive Officer. “This relationship is a natural next step for UBS BB, as we look to grow our coverage footprint and increase our competitive advantage in Argentina and the region more broadly.”

This agreement follows the launch of UBS BB in October 2020 to provide investment banking services in Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Paraguay and Uruguay, and institutional securities brokerage in Brazil.

“By working with premier organizations like UBS BB, we’re furthering our strategy to expand our presence in the local market and provide our clients with increased access to the international markets,” said Joao Pecego, President of Banco Patagonia. “Our clients will greatly benefit from UBS BB’s unique platform, leading investment banking services and global reach.”

“We are deeply committed to our clients in Argentina and believe that, together with Banco Patagonia, we have the opportunity to become a top investment banking franchise in the country,” said Enrique Vivot, UBS BB Head of Southern Cone Global Banking and Chairman of Argentina. “We look forward to providing our current and prospective clients with leading global investment banking services and local expertise.”

About UBS BB

Headquartered in São Paulo, Brazil, and positioned to become the leading investment bank in the region, UBS BB provides clients with access to M&A and advisory capabilities, debt and equity capital markets, and a broad network of corporates and investors, as well as institutional securities brokerage and research. UBS BB, through its relevant subsidiaries, provides investment banking services in Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Paraguay and Uruguay and institutional securities brokerage in Brazil.

As announced in November 2019 and following regulatory approvals, UBS BB was established through the combination of assets from both stakeholders. UBS holds a 50.01% ownership stake and Banco do Brasil 49.99%.

About Banco Patagonia

Banco Patagonia S.A. is part of Group Banco do Brasil, the most important finance conglomerate in Latin America. It has over 200 locations in Argentina. With more than a million clients, it is one of the main banks in the Argentine banking sector, with services and products in agribusiness, corporate, small and medium enterprises, individuals and public sector, among others.

Banco Patagonia is one of the leaders in the credit securitization business in the country and is the first Argentine Trustee classified as “Excellent” by Standard & Poor's ratings services.

Banco Patagonia is also controlling shareholder in GPat Compañía Financiera, Patagonia Valores, Patagonia Inversora and Banco Patagonia Uruguay.


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