Zurich, 21 May 2019 – UBS is further expanding the successful operating model of the Digital Factory, moving from the temporary location in Paradeplatz to Hardturmstrasse 161 in Zurich-West. Flurstrasse, the second site for the Digital Factory since the start of 2018, is being maintained as a major part of the overall global concept.

More than just a new location

The location of the new Digital Factory is perfect for agile working. The experience we have gathered during two years of agile working has been reflected in the interior layout. Open spaces with flexible furniture offer ample space for creativity. At peak times, up to 600 employees will be working on three floors, spread over almost 4,100m2 and across divisions. Physical proximity and close cooperation encourage both creativity and productivity, with the aim of being able to respond better and more quickly to client needs. The new premises fit into the Europaallee-Altstetten-Flur axis of UBS’s real estate portfolio. The modern working environment in fashionable Zurich-West with proximity to colleges and university provides access to young talent and enhances our attractiveness as an employer.

Axel Lehmann, President of UBS Switzerland commented “The new Digital Factory in Zurich is a further commitment to Switzerland as a business location and offers an innovative working environment for up to 600 employees. As the leading universal bank in Switzerland, we do not see digitalization as just a slogan – it is an important tool for serving our clients better.”

International focus

The Digital Factory is a milestone on the path to implementing our digital strategy and lays the foundation for an international roll-out too.

“In the Digital Factory, we want to develop even better client solutions, faster. To do that, we have specialists from over 20 disciplines working together in a close network in agile mode across multiple locations worldwide,” explains Sabine Keller-Busse, Chief Operating Officer of UBS Group.

Clients are the top priority

The cross-functional teams visualize ideas at an early stage, test them frequently and bring in a range of parties and opinions to rapidly develop new digital products which improve the client experience and simplify internal processes. Getting clients involved is crucial. A testing area with touch-and-try displays introduces both client advisers and clients themselves to the Digital Factory. These usability tests identify weaknesses at an early stage and the findings are fed back into developing and improving the solutions.

The development of the UBS Atrium lending platform was a milestone that gives UBS access to a new form of mortgage financing for investment properties. The platform is where borrowers can meet Swiss institutional investors in search of reliable long-term investment opportunities in the Swiss real estate space. The online onboarding app Account Opening Online is another innovative solution from the Digital Factory. Instead of three weeks, it now takes only a few days for the client to fully open an account with debit and credit cards. For SMEs UBS offers UBS Digital Business, simple and effective solutions for daily needs. UBS Security Check is a sign of UBS’s commitment to increasing awareness of cyber risks among private and corporate clients.

Rising demand for digital solutions

There were over 100 million digital banking logins last year and more than 60% of our clients receive all of their banking documentation electronically: this underlines the rapidly growing need for digital banking solutions. Access via smartphones is growing particularly quickly. Across all segments, some 40% of active UBS Mobile Banking clients now use only the UBS app on their smartphone for their digital banking transactions.


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