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The largest truly global wealth manager

We help our clients pursue what matters most to them. Individuals around the world look to us to provide them with the advice, expertise and solutions to preserve and grow their wealth – today, tomorrow and for generations to come.

A large-scale and diversified asset manager

We draw on the breadth and depth of our capabilities and our global reach to turn challenges into opportunities. Together with our clients, we find the solutions they need.

A leading personal and corporate bank in Switzerland

UBS is Switzerland’s leading universal bank. And Switzerland is the only country where we’re active in retail banking, corporate and institutional banking, wealth management, asset management and investment banking.

A focused investment bank

We’re focused on a client-centric offering that helps us provide value, and be a leader in the areas we choose to compete in. And, together with our clients, we find the solutions they need.



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Corporate governance

The functions of Chairman of the Board of Directors (the BoD) and Group Chief Executive Officer (Group CEO) are assigned to two different people, ensuring a separation of power. The BoD delegates the management of the business to the Group Executive Board (the GEB).


Board of Directors

The BoD of UBS Group AG, led by the Chairman, consists of between 6 and 12 members, as per our Articles of Association. Shareholders elect each member of the BoD individually.

The BoD of UBS Group AG has five permanent committees: the Audit Committee, the Compensation Committee, the Corporate Culture and Responsibility Committee, the Governance and Nominating Committee, and the Risk Committee. They assist the BoD in the performance of its responsibilities.

In 2020, the BoD met 23 times, next to numerous committee meetings. The average duration of the meetings was 105 minutes. 15 BoD meetings were attended by the GEB.

BoD geographic diversity in 2020

Group Executive Board

All members of the GEB, with the exception of the Group CEO, are proposed by the Group CEO. The appointments are approved by the BoD. In 2020, the GEB held 69 meetings.

GEB geographic diversity in 2020


The general meeting of shareholders is the supreme corporate body of UBS. It must be held within six months of the close of each financial year. In 2020, physical attendance at our general meetings was not possible, due to COVID-19-related restrictions, and voting rights could only be exercised through the independent proxy. The same setup is planned for our annual general meeting on 8 April 2021.

Group Internal Audit

Group Internal Audit performs the internal auditing function for the Group. It supports the BoD in discharging its governance responsibilities by taking a dynamic approach to audit, issue assurance and risk assessment, calling attention to key risks in order to drive action to prevent unexpected loss or damage to the firm’s reputation.

External audit

While safeguarding their independence, the external auditors closely coordinate their work with Group Internal Audit. The Audit Committee and, ultimately, the Board of Directors supervise the effectiveness of audit work.

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