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Sustainable Development Goals

We are advancing toward 2030, the designated deadline to reach the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (the SDGs). The SDGs focus on issues like climate change, education, equality and healthcare – major challenges for our world now and over the coming years. Traditional financing mechanisms, such as grants and overseas development aid, are insufficient to tackle these growing challenges.

We recognize our role in leading debates on environmental and societal topics and, in collaboration with other firms and industry bodies, in setting high standards for these topics in and beyond our industry. We were among the very first banks that shone a light on the importance of the SDGs – and specifically on what it takes to make them investable for clients. We set the standards across industry, challenging ourselves to raise the bar, inspiring others to join.

783 million people live below the poverty line of USD 1.90 a day

One billion people worldwide have no access to healthcare

Three out of 10 people lack access to safely managed drinking water

617 million youth worldwide lack basic mathematics and literacy skills

About 50 percent rise in global CO2 emissions since 1990


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