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"The world is faster, more digital, and more data-driven than ever before – and so are our clients. That’s why we are fully focused on offering the best digital-first experience, anytime, anywhere. We invest a great deal in people, in cloud technologies, AI, and in adopting more flexible ways of working."

Mike Dargan, Group Chief Operations and Technology Officer

What’s in IT for you

We use our reach to our full advantage, like using DevOps best practices to orchestrate changes across the globe. And we’re always collaborating with cutting edge tech on our side. From using biometrics for security, to building the next generation on cloud, at UBS we’re driven by the pursuit of what’s new.

Also, your wellbeing is extremely important to us, and that’s why we offer competitive benefits to employees across the firm. Check them out!

Working with cutting edge tech and agile practices on a global scale

Culture of learning and development

Distinguished Engineers Framework in place

Tech early careers

Working alongside our engineers and businesses stakeholders will allow you to gain a wider perspective on technology and how it’s used in the financial industry.

We’re always looking for students and graduates passionate about technology and about building modern systems and solutions.

Check out our entry-level career programs and find the one that’s right for you.

Eat, breathe, sleep technology?

So do we

At UBS, we're engineering the future daily. We’re making technology our differentiator, and ensuring we embrace a more digital tomorrow.

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Think you know tech in banking? Let us show IT to you!

Meet team UBS:

Albert Chan - Architect, TP C1, Distinguished Engineer

Embrace the buzz of software development like our colleague Albert! From tackling business challenges to crafting solutions in the Cloud for mobile or blockchain space, every obstacle is an opportunity, and this is what excites him. There might be hurdles along the way, but if you see problem-solving as an opportunity to think outside the box, we might be the place for you. Join us. Engineer change. 

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Adam, Software Engineer Technology

You might think that in financial industry we only work with outdated system. This is a common perception, but it’s far from the true. Banking systems needs to be up-to-date, secure and always available. Still not convinced? Watch the video and learn more. You might be surprised with what our colleague Adam is working with.

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Yuliia, QA Engineer Technology

Click, click, click.. Yuliia’s job as a QA Engineer is much more than just clicking around. It requires wide set of skills to do automatic and manual testing of banking applications. In her daily work she use Java, SQL, Jira Xray, Selenium, Selenide, Postman and much more! Do you have what it takes? Watch the video and learn more.

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Allen Hovsepian, Architect, Distinguished Engineer

We’re moving to the Cloud and our colleague Allen is key to this journey! This path offers many engineering challenges, but Allen loves them. He’s involved with building a new payment platform for UBS. New challenges often require unique problem-solving skills, and that’s where our engineers come in. If you’re ready to take on challenges, then we might be the place for you. Join UBS. Engineer change.

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Andrii, DevOps Engineer Technology

What’s the deal with DevOps? Andrii would like to show you that in banking  it’s definetely  not only about being an administrator of approved platforms. His job involves migrating strategical solutions and continuous integrations of systems, but it’s much more than that! Watch the video and learn more.

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Mazda Hewitt, Chapter Lead, Architect, TTA 2, Distinguished Engineer

Think working for a bank means dealing with outdated systems? Think again! Our colleague Mazda sheds light on the massive transformation happening in the financial industry. There’s plenty of room for innovation with the transformation UBS is going through.  For Mazda, it’s created a chance to upskill and gain new perspectives. But it’s not just about technical advancement, it’s also about collaborating with different teams to find effective solutions. If you see transformation as an exciting challenge, then UBS could be the place for you. Join us. Engineer change.

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Bartek, Machine Learning Engineer Technology

We have all heard it. Machine Learning Engineers builds robots to take our jobs. This is not really what our colleague Bartek is doing. A part of this job is to build and design algorithms capable of learning and making predictions. And it's all to help our clients and colleagues to make better decisions. Ready to build the next solution with us? Watch the video and learn more.

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Mathieu Imfeld, Senior Technical Architect, Distinguished Engineer

Building robust software is just the start. The real challenge is maintaining software solutions for the long haul. So, say hi to Mat! He really knows how important maintainability is in the software development process. In an ever-changing environment, we value a colleague like Mat who is a trusted expert and keeps growing his skillset. Are you looking for a place to grow your expertise? Join UBS. Engineer change.

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Patryk, Java Software Engineer Technology

Making a real impact in banking? That’s what Patryk is doing! IT Security is constantly evolving and that’s why Patryk needs to constantly think about new solutions. In this video he talks about what is crucial in his role. Watch the video and learn more.

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