The systems, services and infrastructure we create run through every single aspect of what we do.

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We enable today and facilitate the future

The systems, services and infrastructure we create run through every single aspect of what we do.

Our technology team helps UBS embrace a digital future. We're engineering focused and outcome driven. Curiosity drives us and we are always looking to the future for inspiration. We're working together across functions and time zones to solve business, technical and operational challenges.

Playing our part

What role does technology play within UBS?

We have a critical role to play. Joining the technology team doesn't mean you're just delivering technical solutions. You're here to keep UBS competitive in a digitalized world. In Technology we work in partnership with all areas of the firm to deliver the best systems and services. And, we are proud of what we deliver and how we shape the digital future of UBS.

This is an exciting time for IT professionals in financial services as new technology brings disruption and client expectations accelerate change. Software engineering and data management are at the heart of the business. We give our customers the best IT experience as they work with UBS. Bank-ing is technology.


Our innovation and digital transformation priorities

We use the term 'ABCDE' to explain our innovation priorities and digital transformation. These days the term has become ubiquitous in our technology team. ABCDE stands for: AI and Automa-tion, Blockchain and unBundling, Cloud and Connectivity, Data and finally, Experience. While it doesn’t cover every aspect of what we do, it does cover the key strategic points that will help us stay competitive no matter what situation we face.

Getting our facts (and figures) straight

  • Our team of technologists is made up of more than 20,000 people.
  • The Technology team spans 43 countries across the world.
  • 150 public cloud applications.
  • Awarded number one platform, by Euromoney, in Emerging Tech Adoption and Data management and Security.
  • We supported ~8,500 software releases just in April 2020. 
  • We have over 1,000+ live robots.
  • We release 32,000 application changes per quarter.

Hear from our people

For me, one of the best things about working here is the sense of pride and family I get from being a part of this fantastic team of 22,000 passionate technologists. It is just so satisfying to see what we can achieve together as we work with the business and for our clients. UBS invests a great deal in people, in machine learning, in Artificial Intelligence, in blockchain, in cloud technologies and in adopting newer, faster, more flexible ways of working and collaborating across the business.

The firm is in a transitional phase. This is a good time to see technology grow and develop. People who are ready to face challenges and take responsibility will have lots of
Mike Dargan, Head of Technology

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