Working in ... Process & Project Management

Do you enjoy consulting on (and leading) projects? Are you able to make thoughtful decisions and put them into action?

Who we are:

Things are changing fast. We’re the creators and innovators for our businesses. Process & Project Management teams are always on the lookout for ways to improve performance and support growth.

What we do:

Our work encompasses the whole project lifecycle – from planning and developing concepts to testing solutions, implementation, and measuring success. And we continually refine our processes to stay competitive. Our project managers are responsible for (re)designing processes as well as implementation. From start to finish.

Depending on which business you join, you might develop and launch new products, solve communication problems, provide operational solutions or model disaster scenarios for business continuity planning. Daily interaction with internal partners allows you to demonstrate personal initiative and leadership. There’s constant variety and intellectual challenge. And you'll be recognized for your individual achievements as well as your contribution to team success.

We, not just me:

Together. That's how we do things. We act with integrity, respecting and trusting one another. That’s what makes our partnerships with colleagues and clients successful and long lasting.