Working in... Marketing & Communications

Marketing & Communications ensures that a powerful and positive image of UBS is established and broadcast to all stakeholders globally.

Marketing & Communications has many functions. We are responsible for branding, advertising, sponsorship, internal communications, investor relations, marketing, media relations, public policy and stakeholder reporting.

The growth ambitions of UBS mean that our work has never been more important. Your job may be to craft and present key messages and information, build the brand or develop sponsorship partnerships to express our values. Alternatively, your focus may be on positioning new products, organizing events, promotional activity, shaping opinion or analyzing and responding to social and economic trends.

Whatever your field of expertise, your role may influence how UBS is perceived by employees, clients, investors, the media and analysts in your region and worldwide.

Given the reach and variety of our activities, strong team spirit is essential. Our professionals work together across business lines and geographical borders to inspire trust in UBS and protect and enhance its reputation. Your ability to share ideas and exchange views with colleagues in different offices and cultures is instrumental to our one firm approach.

Responding to the many cultural, legal and regulatory challenges of our global business environment will develop your skills and extend your competencies. Our culture will recognize the progress you make and your individual contribution to our greater success