UBS launched a white paper on Monday 20 January for the WEF Annual meeting 2020 in Davos.

The paper focuses on ways in which investors can align their investments towards a climate smart future.

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Investors tell us they're looking for climate smart solutions. They need actionable tools and techniques that help them to act now.

  • So that's why UBS has developed a Climate Aware framework that looks at investments by reducing portfolios' carbon footprints, offering the ability to invest in new technologies, and helping investors align their portfolios to their chosen climate glide path.
  • And for private wealth investors, UBS has introduced a new Advice SI program to construct personalized portfolios focused on climate change and other specific sustainable investing (SI) issues. 

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UBS WEF 2020 white paper

Becoming climate aware whitepaper

Becoming climate aware: an investor's perspective