The UBS Women’s Wealth Study 2021: Women see owning wealth as something which gives them a responsibility toward the environment and society.

UBS and the opinion research center Sotomo interviewed Swiss women about finance. The survey showed that two out of three wealthy women are worried about natural catastrophes, climate change and species extinction. Extreme weather events like heat waves and droughts have become more frequent in recent decades. Not only do they affect the natural world, they also have a far-reaching impact on society.

Women want to make a positive impact

The UBS Women’s Wealth Study 2021 underlined that, unlike men, women worry far more about climate change than about the value of their investments.

Women don’t “just” want a return; they also want to do something positive with their investments. As the study also showed, women view wealth as something which gives them a responsibility toward society. More than a third of women would donate a large inheritance to a charitable organization.

This sense of responsibility is also clearly expressed on the investment market: By 2025 the volume of sustainably invested wealth will increase to EUR 5.5 billion, which is more than three times the figure in 2019.

The findings in detail

The detailed results can be found in the UBS Women’s Wealth study.

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