Challenge or delete direct debit LSV

A challenge always concerns a single debit. A cancellation, on the other hand, terminates the complete LSV authorization.

Tip: You can challenge an LSV debit yourself. Only for the deletion you would have to call our Contact Center Switzerland.

How to challenge an LSV debit

Log in to your E-Banking

Navigate to Assets & Investments, then to Accounts

Select the desired account and then the desired LSV debit

Click on the gray button saying Direct debit objection

Click on the green Submit objection button and follow the instructions

We will take care of reclaiming the money. Usually, the credit comes back to your account within two bank working days.

How to delete an LSV authorization

Do you have the LSV ID at hand? This will speed up the deletion process.

Otherwise, prepare the name and payment details of the beneficiary and decide on which date the LSV authorization should be deleted.

We will be happy to assist you.

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