With the UBS Access app, you log into our digital services simply and securely. However, the Access app does not replace your Access Card and the Access Key. You will continue to need them for the release of payments to new recipients or for the adjustment of your security settings.


  • Please make sure that during activation the screen lock on your smartphone does not activate.
  • For activation you need your contract number for UBS Digital Banking. If you no longer know this, please contact Support: phone 0848 848 064.
  • If you are already using the Access app, you can add a further contract number under "Settings > Manage access authorizations".


  • Install the "UBS Access" app on the smartphone.
  • Start Access app and click on "Set up now".
  • Enter contract number and click on "Next".
  • Select "Access Key" as the activation method.
  • Log in with the Access Key in e-banking.
  • In the Access app, click on "Next".
  • In e-banking, open the security settings at the top right and then select the menu item "Access app" to the left.
  • In e-banking, click on "Request security code".
  • In the Access app, click on "Next".
  • Transfer the activation code displayed in the Access app to e-banking and click on "Next".
  • Compare the activation code displayed on the Access Key with the one in the Access app. If the codes are the same, confirm by placing a check on the Access Key.
  • In the Access app, click on "Next".
  • Transfer the security code displayed on the Access Key to the Access app and click on "Confirm".
  • Give your smartphone a device name and click on "Next".
  • Enter a PIN for your Access app, repeat the PIN and click on "Confirm".

The Access app is now set up and can be used immediately. The login into e-banking takes place via the ubs.com website. This is how you log in with the Access app:

If you are uncertain whether the activation was successful, you can check this in the Access app under "Settings -> Manage access authorizations -> Registered contract number".