Dynamic investing, controlled risk

Our expertise

O'Connor is an established alternatives platform with hedge funds, alternative credit and commodities. We have over 40 years of institutional experience in trading and market making and over 20 years’ experience as a hedge fund manager with a strong focus on relative value investing and risk management. O'Connor's capabilities cover a wide range of investment strategies, which seek to achieve attractive risk-adjusted absolute returns with low correlation to most major asset classes and traditional investment benchmarks.

O’Connor offers investors a dynamic and resilient investment approach, with a strong focus on relative value investing and risk management.

What sets us apart

Diversified strategies

We combine strategies with the goal of creating a diverse stream of returns relatively uncorrelated to major asset classes. We shift capital and risk dynamically across strategies to seek market investment opportunities.

Value investing with risk control

Our approach is rooted in relative value investing and state-of-the-art risk management capabilities, through which we strive to provide investors with attractive, risk-adjusted absolute return potential.

Collaboration across teams

We foster collaboration across our teams based in New York, Chicago, London, Hong Kong and Singapore, with the goal of raising our collective intelligence. We seek to strengthen those teams by recruiting and retaining the best people from inside the industry and out.

Embracing alternatives

A quick glance at what UBS Asset Management offers in the alternatives space

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Our strategies

Global Multi-Strategy flagship

Rooted in relative value investing, this multi-strategy approach emphasizes liquidity and diversification.

Event-Driven strategies

Focused on investments in merger arbitrage, capital structure arbitrage, and special purpose acquisition companies.

Private Credit

Providing bespoke lending solutions with a focus on corporate direct lending and asset finance.

Working Capital

A short-duration, uncorrelated working capital finance strategy seeking to capitalize on the market’s funding gap.

China Long/Short

Low-net relative value Equity long/short strategy investing primarily in companies predominantly listed in Greater China.


Relative value and enhanced index strategies that seek to exploit inefficiencies and price dislocations in commodities markets.