Investing in Climate Aware solutions

Committing to climate change is no longer optional, it is essential.
Become a Climate Aware investor.

The consequences of climate change can no longer be ignored. A vast amount of capital is needed to transition to a low-carbon economy and limit global warming to 2˚ Celsius. 

Committing to climate change not only benefits the planet, but provides significant investment opportunities and the potential for enhanced projected returns across nearly all asset classes, regions and timeframes.

While climate investing may have been considered a trend in the past, it has now become the new normal. Significant regulatory changes and increasing awareness have made climate-smart investing an essential for today's investors.

Our strategies

UBS-AM has developed a Climate Aware framework to help investors align their portfolios to their chosen climate solution and is creating a suite of dedicated products across asset classes to provide the ideal solution for any climate investment need.

What could a warmer world mean for your investments?

To address climate change and avoid a climate crisis, urgent change is needed. Is it time to prepare your portfolio for the climate change challenge?

Investments for generations to come

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Our sustainability approach

In our view, sustainable investing is not about screening away opportunities and limiting choices; on the contrary, it is about finding new opportunities by identifying long-term sustainability trends and accounting for longer-term risks. The transition to a net zero future can only be achieved in close collaboration with clients over the coming years and delivering innovative solutions to meet their decarbonization goals. We are focused on providing compelling investment opportunities to help clients on the path toward a low-carbon economy across the asset class spectrum.


UN SDG 13 Climate Action

UBS in society

UBS is addressing sustainability and confronting the climate emergency