UBS Finance Academy

The UBS Finance Academy began in 2003. The program has been created around the theme of finance with the objective of the UBS Finance Academy is to provide leadership in banking education with a particular focus on senior secondary school students. It introduces students to a wide range of career opportunities in banking.

A group of Year 11 students are selected each year from a broadly based cross section of public schools in NSW. There is an expressed interest in providing an opportunity to students who have limited visions of careers in banking perhaps for reasons of no family background in this area, no awareness in the education system and no friends or role models to turn to.

We look for the best and brightest Year 11 students from the public school sector and while the focus is on investment banking, there are opportunities to meet interesting and inspirational people and visit special places in Sydney.

For the students the Academy offers them a chance to explore a previously unknown career opportunity and develop new relationships with their peer group from other schools. An ideal outcome would be that students return to their final year of study with an intellectual and social advantage and an interest in pursuing a career in the world of banking.

The program is residential and general costs are covered by UBS.

Public High School Principals receive application details for the Academy in Term 2.