UBS Asset Management in Australia

Australia Fraud Alert

Please be aware that the integration of Credit Suisse and UBS may see fraudsters attempting to contact our clients, purporting to be from our organisation or selling fake investment schemes from our entities. This could be a means to obtain your information or to trick you into sending money to a fraudulent account. Please be vigilant if you are contacted by an unknown party. UBS and Credit Suisse entities will never contact you by email, SMS or telephone with new bank account details or to ask you to login or reveal access or account details. We do not send emails with links to login pages such as e-banking and will never ask you for an e-banking contract number or pin. Before transferring money or sharing personal details, please contact only your usual UBS or Credit Suisse advisor or Client Services team; or if it is your first experience, contact UBS on +61 29324 3100.

We have been made aware of a scam around fake Fixed Income Corporate Bonds circulating using UBS or other bank’s and/or corporate’s branding. Please be vigilant if you are contacted by an unknown party with investment opportunities. Exercise extreme care in opening e-mail links or disclosing personal information. UBS would like to remind its clients that all official communication is always channelled via only.

What to do if you have become a victim of fraud

If you suspect you are a victim of fraud, please file a report with your local police.

Tips to protect yourself against becoming a victim of fraud

Visit UBS CyberSafe to learn more about Cyber Risks and how to better protect yourself. The Australian Government also provides information on fraud prevention.

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