Investing in 2019

In this edition of Panorama we assess the global investment landscape and the potential challenges and opportunities facing investors in the year ahead.

Navigating volatile markets

"Investors are likely to face some significant challenges in 2019. They will need to think differently, be more precise in risk-budgeting, and work harder for risk-adjusted returns than they have done for the majority of the post-financial crisis period. Flexibility and staying nimble are likely to be important qualities as opportunities and dislocations ebb and flow both across and within asset classes."

Suni Harford, Head of Investments

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Video highlights from our Viewpoints Market Outlook event. Our experts discussed key investor concerns and the potential bright spots in 2019.

Is recession a risk in 2019?

Q&A with Evan Brown, Head of Macro Asset Allocation Strategy

Poor sentiment in China is changing. Why?

Q&A with Geoffrey Wong, Head of Emerging Markets and Asia Pacific

Hedge funds perform best during periods of stress

Q&A with Adolfo Oliete, Head of Asia Pacific Investments, Hedge Fund Solutions