UBS Sterling Corporate Bond Indexed Fund


Investment objective

The UBS Sterling Corporate Bond Indexed Fund (the "Fund") seeks to track the return of the Markit iBoxx GBP Non-Gilt Index (the "Index") before the deduction of charges.

Investment team

Clyde Fernandes

Portfolio manager
Biography (PDF, 59 KB)

Dedicated passive expertise

We believe passive investing requires manager skill, experience and technology to achieve the best performance possible whilst closely tracking the underlying benchmark.

We seek to construct a portfolio that delivers the return of the underlying benchmark with very low tracking error by controlling risk and minimising costs.

Passive management has been a capability in our firm for over 30 years; we set up one of the first index-tracking funds in the UK in 1979. Whilst we already have an established record of running our Life Fund offering the UBS Sterling Corporate Bond Indexed Fund is the first time we are doing so via a UK OEIC, allowing a broader range of investors access to a low-cost fund.

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