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Year Ahead 2017 – The end game?

The year is drawing to an end. Over the past weeks we have been reflecting on the major events in 2016, and what they teach us for the year ahead.

The election of Donald Trump and Brexit were two of the biggest shocks in modern political history. They demonstrate that risk is much easier to find than return in today's markets.

We want to help you overcome this imbalance, that's why we just launched our Year Ahead 2017: The end game?

Women as a force for economic change

"Women as a force for economic change" is the first publication of a series, dedicated to addressing women and their life goals. These are related to employment, investment, philanthropy, entrepreneurship or social work. The first edition includes four interviews with leading businesswomen from across the globe. Businesswomen from Vietnam, Japan, the UK and the US, will provide insights on the many challenges and learnings about working women in their region.

Shifting Asia: Is the consumer dividend here to stay?

Shifting Asia is a UBS CIO biannual report focusing on topical investment themes across APAC. This report covers the topic of "Asian consumer dividend," and spotlights "business disruption" in the consumer sector and the industry implications for Asian consumers and investors.

Impact investing in oncology

Financing a new era in cancer treatment and building hope for tomorrow's fight against cancer.

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