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3 mega trends re-shaping societies

These trends throw up challenges and opportunities.


48 megacities with more than 10m people by 20352

The urbanisation story is moving fast in emerging economies (more so than the developed world).

This population shift changes demand for a host of services and infrastructure – housing, food processing and transport, transport, healthcare and public amenities, amongst others.

Population growth

10 billion people by 20601

Rapid population growth puts a strain on an already fragile environmental ecosystem.

Climate change and further increase in the global population threatens current living standards.
Energy efficiency and agricultural efficiency are likely to be two critical areas of focus.


100 years old – 10x more by 20601

A wide sphere of medical treatment, prevention and old age care is needed as society ages – everything form oncology to nursing. A greying society also supports robotics development as machines play a role in caring for our old.

Multi-thematic fund invests in providers of tomorrow

The UBS Long Term Themes Fund invests in many game changing themes. It helps you tap the potential of sustainable solution providers that create a better tomorrow

About UBS Long–Term Themes Fund

  • >15 themes in the Fund: Global, multi-themed portfolio avoids concentration risk in any one theme or sector
  • ~20% in small-mid cap companies: Gives access to high conviction, future winners
  • Has a strong sustainability profile

Game changing themes

We put a spotlight on 3 themes. Learn how these themes can provide solutions to mega-trends.

Food revolution

The food revolution

Arable land is rapidly disappearing.

How can farmers feed a growing and urbanizing population with less resources?

Climate change is compounding the food shortage issue. The UN estimates that agricultural yields will decline substantially as the weather gets more unpredictable.

A revolution is underway to re-engineer traditional food sources. Food innovation has opened up a new universe for investors.

Source: UBS WM, The International Union for Conversation of Nature, June 2019

Be part of the food revolution with UBS Long-Term Themes Fund

Automation and robotics

Automation and robotics

Rising wages and demographic challenges are putting pressure on manufacturing costs, driving investments in automation.

In emerging markets, the use of robotics still lags behind their developed counterparts. This, together with the size of the manufacturing sector speaks to the potential of the theme in the region.

How can artificial intelligence (AI) powered automation help us solve the demands of a growing and yet aging urbanizing population?

Automation and Robotic
Source: UBS, as of January 2022

Usher in a new dawn of smart automation with UBS Long-Term Themes Fund

Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency

How can we shift from producing more to saving more in order to mitigate the unwanted side effects of energy use on our planet?

Energy demand continues to grow, particularly in emerging markets, due to increasing populations, ongoing urbanization, and rising wealth levels. More than 50% of the world’s population now live in cities. They account for a disproportionate 78% of energy consumption and more than 60% of greenhouse gas emissions.

However, change is happening as we see a transition to more energy saving products, energy efficient buildings and fuel-efficient travel. Have you played your part?

Energy Efficiency
Source: UN, UBS CIO Global Wealth Management, July 2021

Did you know?

Energy efficiency investments

Over the long term, the International Energy Agency estimates a yearly average spend of USD 437bn until 2025, and USD 790bn between 2026 and 2040 on energy efficient investments. 

Be part of a sustainable future with UBS Long-Term Themes Fund


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