How good are your language skills?

To study in your desired country, the most important thing is to have adequate language skills. The best-known language certificate for English-speaking countries is the TOEFL test. The best thing about this test is that you can’t fail. Instead, you’re given a score. However, universities require a minimum number of points. The tests for other languages adopt a similar approach.

Do you need a visa or not?

Swiss passport holders can enter and study in many European countries without a visa. You simply have to register with the residents’ registration office after your arrival. However, there are exceptions, including the UK: since 1 January 2021, a student visa has been required for study programs of longer than six months. Different rules of course also apply to countries outside the EU. If you’re planning to attend a college in the US, for example, you require an F1 visa.

How much does a semester abroad cost?

Universities abroad charge very different tuition fees. In the US and UK, in particular, they can be surprisingly high. And it is possible that you will have to spend more on your living costs than at home. While you shouldn’t let this distract you from your goal, you should plan your finances well in advance.

What grants are available to me?

The Erasmus Program supports university exchanges within Europe – although since Brexit it unfortunately no longer covers the UK. If you would like to travel to the US, you should acquaint yourself with the Fulbright Program – a fantastic funding program that also looks great on your CV.

Are semesters completed abroad taken into account?

If you have already studied abroad for several semesters and would like to complete your study program in Switzerland, you should clarify directly with your university whether the semesters attended abroad will be taken into account here – it is often the case that not all of the study period abroad is factored in.

The right banking package for your semester abroad?

Is simple and transparent. With UBS me, you receive the UBS Global Credit or Prepaid Card free of charge. This means you can also pay, for example, in foreign online shops without any fees.

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