Günstig Auto fahren: Carsharing macht sich bezahlt

Using is the new owning

Sharing is in fashion – and not just with cars. We share holiday apartments, workstations, streaming subscriptions and even clothing. Why is car sharing so popular? Probably because it encourages individuality while doing away with all the inconvenience of ownership. There are a number of varieties of car sharing in Switzerland.

Cut your spending by sharing

The concept of car sharing has existed in Switzerland since as far back as 1948. Today, car sharing is an extremely popular way of getting around. It is also enjoyable, because you don’t need your own parking space, maintenance is not your problem and the insurance doesn’t eat up your hard-earned salary. All you have to do is fasten your seatbelt, adjust the mirrors and away you go.

Professional car sharing

There are companies that offer their own vehicles in Switzerland. Once you have chosen a suitable type of membership on the website, you can then use the app to reserve a car at the desired location. New members pay less than 50 francs for the first four months – and for students, membership is free. Even after that, the fee is only around 10 francs per month. Additional charges are based on the model chosen, the number of kilometers driven and the period of time booked. You also have automatic insurance coverage (third-party liability, comprehensive and passenger). Cleaning and disinfection are taken care of by the provider.

Private sharing schemes

There are various platforms which enable car owners and those in need of a car to get into contact with one another and coordinate the shared use of the vehicle. The use of the car is covered either by the platform’s or the owner’s insurance.

Self-organized car sharing

Residents of a shared apartment can also share a car. Sharing a vehicle saves money. Cars can also be offered and hired out via a sharing platform. This is particularly worthwhile, as it means the car isn’t just standing around unused; it is actually helping you to recoup some of your costs. So if you really need a car, this financially and environmentally more sustainable solution is highly recommended.

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