Products and services

Products and services

When you need investment vehicles beyond the standard range, our full-service solutions group can help to tailor products to suit your objectives from simple to complex derivatives and hybrids. We offer a diverse managed accounts platform and a comprehensive suite of dynamic analytical tools that aim to help you explore ideas, assess performance and follow market flows.

The UBS US equity derivatives group includes two specialized teams, one covering flow trading strategies and the other structured products.

Expertise includes:

  • Short-term or catalyst-driven trade ideas
  • Yield enhancement strategies
  • Hedging and risk management implementation
  • Leveraged return strategies
  • Global macro trade ideas
  • Volatility arbitrage and relative-value trading
  • Insurance solutions
  • Bespoke options strategies and analysis
  • Custom structured solutions
  • Complex financing solutions

Flow-trading Derivatives

Structured Derivatives

Electronic Trading

Exchange Traded Notes

Flow-trading Derivatives

The UBS US Equity Derivatives Group’s full-service offering includes:

  • Exchange traded and over-the-counter options for single stocks, indices and ETFs
  • Variance swaps and volatility products
  • VIX futures and options
  • Exotic options
  • Synthetic equity exposure
  • Structured flow options

With our global distribution and sales force we aim to deliver round-the-clock investment service. Our cost-effective risk redistribution between flow and exotic derivatives trading allows us to offer consistent and competitive pricing.

UBS's US equity derivatives strategy team that uses UBS's award-winning fundamental macro-economic and single-stock research to provide insights on global equity option markets including:

  • Actionable trade ideas
  • Volatility updates and screens
  • Strategy back tests
  • Flow commentary
  • Relative-value analysis
  • VIX futures and options research

Structured Derivatives

The Structured Derivatives team delivers solutions for investment, hedging and financing to institutional and corporate clients, hedge funds, family offices and retail investors. We offer a full range of structuring capabilities including:

  • Equity Linked Notes
  • Hedge Fund Financing
  • Total Return Swaps
  • Quantitative Investment Strategies
  • Structured Products
  • OTC Solutions
  • Fund-Linked Derivatives
  • Exchange Traded Notes

We have broad capabilities and an experienced deal team that can help to facilitate efficient execution. If you are exploring strategies designed to optimize risk management, leverage assets or simply evaluate more efficient ways to express a specific market view, we'd like to help.

UBS Multi Asset Portfolio (MAP) Index: To facilitate execution even in less-liquid contracts, UBS provides pricing and options for hedging balance sheet risks. We also create structured solutions based on our own UBS Multi Asset Portfolio (MAP) Index, which tracks a diversified portfolio across equities, bonds and commodities. We use a risk-weighted approach to asset allocation combined with a proprietary market sentiment indicator.

Electronic Trading

UBS offers high-quality execution through our electronic derivatives trading platform, which gives clients access to resources from across our equity derivatives business worldwide.

  • Active connections with all major OMS platforms and many proprietary client systems
  • FIX connectivity to UBS sales traders or UBS's options smart order router
  • Connectivity and competitive pricing through TradeWeb and RFQ-Hub

The smart order router actively seeks liquidity and marketability on all US option exchanges. It can handle any combination of options and stock in a single name for up to four legs, including:

  • Call spreads
  • Put spreads
  • Buy-writes
  • Straddles
  • Strangles
  • Butterflies
  • Boxes

The UBS algorithmic suite offers a variety of methods to represent a client order in the market. 

  • Delta Adjust: Dynamically fine-tunes price limits to reflect the underlying security’s market movements trading only when the underlying is within a client-determined range. 
  • UBS Multi-leg: Allows clients to trade stock and options on a delta neutral basis
  • TapNow: Seeks to minimize market impact by intelligently seeking liquidity at client-determined speed and aggressiveness levels
  • Hidden: Holds orders until the client’s desired price level and size are available

UBS Neo is our new and completely integrated way of accessing the full value of UBS Investment Bank in a single platform. If you want to learn more about UBS Neo contact our desk at +1-203 -719 7900.*

ETRACS Exchange Traded Notes

UBS ETRACS Exchange Traded Notes are senior, unsecured, unsubordinated debt securities that are designed to track the total return of a specific market index, less investor fees. An investment in ETRACS ETNs involves risks, including possible loss of principal, and may not be suitable for all investors. We urge you to read the more detailed explanation of these risks as described under “Risk Factors” in the prospectus and applicable supplements thereto.

ETRACS ETNs are available in the following asset classes and strategies:

Asset Classes

  • BDCs
  • Commodities
  • Equities
  • Hybrid
  • MLPs
  • Volatility


  • Alpha
  • Income
  • Leverage