Could you be the Future of Finance?

The UBS Future of Finance Challenge 2019 is open to start-ups and established, growing companies that think they can change the way finance works and how banks meet their clients' needs – delivered this year in collaboration with Deloitte and 100% Open. Submission deadline 15th August

Innovative solution and tech enablement are becoming ever more important for the financial industry. By participating in our competition you can allow UBS and other banks to learn what you have to offer, with a possibility for future business opportunities.

Submit your application to join any of our challenges:

  1. Deepening client relationships
  2. Smart risk management
  3. Digital Transaction Rails & Tokenized Assets
  4. Technology enablement

Launch events explaining the competition are held in key locations –
register here if you want to join us:

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For UBS, innovation and digitalization are key strategic priorities and we are investing heavily into those areas.

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