When it's raining cats and dogs, but you still feel the urge to move around, indoor playgrounds can be the perfect family outing. Grown-ups can spend hours relaxing over coffee and cake while the kids explore incredible playgrounds - and maybe even hop around on a Topsy bouncy ball.

Reichenburg Springding

The main attraction is an enormous jungle gym: you can climb up to 11 meters high and of course it's perfectly safe. Those with a head for heights will find trampolines on several floors, six different slides, and naturally a separate play area for the very youngest and so much more. And for parents - there's a spa right next door.

Dietikon Trampolino

What sets Trampolino apart from its almost identical neighbor Starbie just a couple of buildings down is largely this: daylight. But this is crucial, since you’ll feel compelled to spend hours in this hall (bumper cars, jungle gym, railway, volcano slide, trampolines, etc.). And without the sun light, it would be easy here to lose track of time.

Bülach Formel Fun

The argument that clinches it for Formel Fun is how much parents also love to spend time here. There's tasty food that's a world away from hot dogs and chicken nuggets, and adults can even sit back in the lounge with a glass of champagne. Meanwhile, the kids climb around, jump on trampolines, grapple with different means of transportation or work on their golf handicap in the fluorescent-lit minigolf course.

Winterthur Skillspark

For everyone who loves to get around by rolling around, Skillspark is more than just an option if the weather turns bad. Whether by skateboard, bike, scooter or skis on wheels - you really can hone your skills here. There's a skate park with obstacles, a pump track and Big Air Park, where you take amazing leaps from a large jumping platform to a mammoth air cushion pad.

Niederbüren Spielschüür

Spielschüür is the perfect place to spend the day when there is inclement weather: If it's raining, there's still plenty to do in large halls on the gymnastics obstacle course, the mini football field or learning and gaming computers. If the sun peeks out again, you can quickly run out, where a climbing space ball, bouncy houses and a scooter track await. If the parents are allowed to join in the fun, there's also minigolf and bowling.

Emmen Kids Arena

The three-level softplay climbing landscape is perfect for children who want to put their courage to the test. They can climb, balance and jump, while their parents sit back relaxed and muse on the wonders of foam material.

Vernier Yatouland

Six bouncy houses, six giant trampolines and an adventure obstacle course make up for the fact that the hall is only open to the public on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays. The remaining days are reserved for groups: here birthdays and other magnificent parties can be celebrated with laser games, paintball or a disco led by a breakdance instructor.

Frenkendorf Swiss Mega Park

Are the kids starting to get tired of the ordinary trampoline? But have they heard of the kind where you can jump against the walls? That's something new! If you're in a group of eight people, you can also play "Völkerball", a type of dodge ball on trampolines. Additionally, there's a boulder wall, laser tag, a high-wire park, tennis, badminton, squash, a football field and - for groups with a reservation - even bubble soccer, where you climb into giant balls and try to bring down your opponent.

Spiez Funpark

Funpark is someplace for the very youngest, but you'll get your money's worth. The giant "traffic" park, which can be traveled with many different means of transportation, is particularly exciting. The labyrinth, ball pit, boulder wall, building zone with giant Lego blocks, foosball tables and much more will make it hard to leave.