UBS FI Principal Delivering differentiation by applying focus

Quoting more accurately, offering more reliability

UBS took a proactive stance to market structure and regulation change to create a more targeted approach to FI. We have created new pricing and hedging models which have led to more efficiencies. Harnessing the power of technology has enabled UBS to manage market risk efficiently while reliably providing liquidity to our clients.


We can now quote more accurately, enabling us to offer clients much tighter and more consistent pricing in US Treasuries and German, Italian and French Government Bonds, with the recent addition of Austria, Netherlands, Belgium and Finland.

Consistently high hit rate Revised algorithms provide enhanced performance

UBS harnesses the power of technology. Our new robust algorithms access more data sources and respond faster, as evidenced by a consistent top 5 hit rate by trade count for US Treasuries since November 20141, regardless of market volatility.

Reducing costs, reducing uncertainty

Our clients can benefit from reduced costs of execution because electronic trading has made FI Principal more competitive1. There is also the reassurance of trading with a trusted counterparty in UBS and the fact that ‘follow the sun’ trading gives our clients the flexibility to determine their trading day.

Intellectual capital

Enhanced technology has seen our sophisticated algorithms perform more accurately, more efficiently and more swiftly with response times among the fastest in the market*. We blend our technological expertise with our intellectual capital to provide insights and reports to help our clients define their trading ideas.

Benefits of UBS FI Principal

  • Consistently high hit rate for US Treasuries1
  • Competitive and accurate pricing
  • Trade with a trusted counterparty in UBS
  • Top 3 response time on Bloomberg and Tradeweb1
  • Reduced transaction costs
  • UBS AG is your daily trader on small ticket trades
  • Electronic coverage of Netherlands, Belgium, Austria and Finland
  • Use UBS Voice for large or special trades
  • Connect with Bloomberg and Tradeweb on our platform for RFQs

Clients should take into account the market risks associated with trading FI Principal.

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