Embracing change

Rather than clinging to the status quo, we adapted our business early in order to provide clients with innovative solutions and tools to access markets in new ways. 

UBS has embraced the changing market structure and potential future regulation changes to deliver a forward-thinking, comprehensive offering in electronic rates trading. 

Deploying new pricing and hedging models to provide our clients with deeper and more consistent liquidity, combining our leading client algorithmic development with our global reach in the Exchange Traded Derivatives (ETD) market, and being first-mover in the new SEF paradigm, we continually seek to ensure we deliver the liquidity and technology to enhance our clients' trading goals.

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Simplifying complexity

"UBS envisioned how offering streamlined market access to our clients can help mitigate many of the issues they would face in the new regulatory environment. As part of that strategy, we built a unified Swaps trading screen on our UBS Neo platform that is pulling the market back together in a very elegant and accessible way. " Declan Graham, Head of Business Development – FX, Rates and Credit.

Regulations have added complexity to your workflow. UBS Neo is here to simplify it. 

Building on trading success

Published in Risk Magazine 2015

"A European bank with a slimmed-down product line is making waves in the US Treasury market - and the unlikely secret of its success is an algorithm borrowed from its foreign exchange business."

"Dylan Roy, head of US rates trading at UBS, says the firm has seen "a dramatic uptick in market share and volume" in recent months, after it switched on its new pricing algorithms. Clients back that up: "We've seen an improvement in their pricing, and because of that they have earned more of our business," says a New York-based rates trader at a large Asian financial firm. Two other firms make similar comments."

Forex Algos revive US rates trading at UBS