UBS Electronic trading

UBS was an early pioneer of electronic trading in response to changing market structure and the emergence of new regulation. These changes led to greater fragmentation of liquidity and transformed the trading landscape as we know it, but our clients' goals are still the same - they need liquidity that suits the way they trade.

With this in mind, we have been investing in UBS Electronic Trading, building on our market leading equities technology1 and utilizing this expertise to create our FX algorithmic offering. We know that our clients increasingly trade across the Equities and FX, Rates and Credit (FRC) divisions so we have adapted our product suite to help them do just that.

To us, 'technology with a human edge' means not only investing in advanced technology but also investing in the people behind the code who can help us provide our clients with innovative solutions tailored to their way of working.

We are continuously enhancing our trading models, always looking for that extra marginal gain to help our clients achieve their trading goals.

This is our human edge. It's what we're known for.


How do you find liquidity that suits the way you trade?

Our global team of quantitative analysts and market structure experts regularly meet with our clients to better understand their goals and incorporate these into our trading models so that our clients can access the liquidity they need. This dynamic process fuels a commitment to continuous enhancements or 'marginal gains.' This is true execution consultancy.

Our global presence in over 130 equities markets worldwide paired with award winning1 algorithmic technology and the human edge from our experienced team of sales traders gives our clients access to deep and diverse liquidity to meet their trading goals. We offer market leading non-displayed liquidity through UBS PINUBS ATS and UBS MTF.

We have a robust liquidity philosophy in place to ensure that clients orders are protected. We regularly review performance for signs of potential information leakage and gaming and we adjust our algorithms to make qualified decisions on when, and how, to access certain venues, according to each order's execution goals.

Our suite of analytic tools including UBS Neo TCA, UBS Fusion and UBS Pinpoint complement our industry leading platforms to help clients develop strategies that suit the way they trade.

FX, Rates and Credit

New thinking, new solutions

At UBS we embrace change, silos have been swept away and technology has made it possible for our Business Divisions to work together more effectively and give more control to our clients. The impact of regulations has brought about the need for greater transparency and a new market structure. Where there is fragmented liquidity, we are providing a solution via a new technology platform delivering centralised liquidity, connectivity and a simpler workflow for clients.

Providing consistent liquidity, reducing costs and understanding regulatory impact

We are committed to providing high quality liquidity and letting our clients decide how to interact with different liquidity pools and participate in the markets. Our aim is to offer lower transactional costs, reduced market impact, whilst having the reassurance of dealing with a known liquidity source and the flexibility of clients being less dependent on external market platforms.

Technology with a human edge

Our award-winning technology and platforms1 have changed how clients can participate with markets, yet technology remains merely the facilitator. An important and distinguishing factor is the quality of our insightful research and client coverage. Our clients appreciate our ability to think ahead and our ongoing commitment to hosting forums and sharing the insights and research of some of the world’s preeminent investment thought leaders. At UBS, we always seek to help our clients by combining technical excellence with personal expertise. It’s what we call technology with a human edge.

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