Corporate Advisory services for entrepreneurs

Your client advisor in Monaco can introduce you to our UBS Corporate advisory Group, whose team of 60 qualified investment bankers in 13 global offices is dedicated to satisfying the needs of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial families.

The experts in our UBS Corporate Advisory Group have an excellent understanding of business and industry issues, and offer the entire spectrum of corporate finance services: from mergers and acquisitions to buyouts and public offerings. Working in teams that focus on selected industries, they speak your language and understand your concerns. Beyond this, they provide holistic wealth management advice that ensures optimal management of the three key interconnected areas: business, family, and personal, that you need to balance as an entrepreneur.

Your benefits at a glance

Expertise: You are served by a team of specialists with years of experience.
Quality: We offer innovative, high-quality investment banking products and services.
Global network: The Corporate Advisory Group is part of our global network, opening up opportunities all around the world to you.