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UBS Monaco Digital Banking

Why UBS Digital Banking?

With UBS Monaco e-banking you can benefit from:

  • Convenience: View on your assets anytime anywhere, even on the go.
  • Transparency: Daily updates on your accounts movements, transactions and positions.
  • Security: UBS e-banking highest security standards.
  • Communication: Secure messaging to exchange with your Advisor.
  • Sustainability: Access to all your documents and statements.
  • Content: Access to global and local market and financial news, tailored by your UBS Monaco team.

Security? We have you covered

  • Secure communication with your advisor
  • Strong data encryption
  • Secure digital storage of your bank documents
  • Secure connection to UBS 
  • Secure and fast login

We are here to help you

Available from Monday – Friday 8.30 – 17.30h