Special services

A complex financial situation can make it difficult for you to have a clear overview of your needs. We can help you find the best solution for your needs and provide you with a wide network of banking skills: thanks to your UBS Client Advisor we can work directly with your accountant or lawyer.

Diversifying your investments can be difficult, especially in terms of financial centres or banking relationships.

Discover the full range of services we can offer you while fully respecting your privacy.

They include:

  • fiduciary custody for relationships with banks and financial intermediaries at home and abroad to ensure data privacy and confidentiality
  • a consolidated vision of the total assets of your investments in trusts even to third parties to monitor the overall risk, calculate the related trends and any incurred costs
  • withholding agent in foreign relations with foreign banks or intermediaries, thus relieving you from complying with complex regulatory issues
  • assistance to entrepreneurs and support in setting up a company, definition of partner agreements, structuring of escrow agreements, transfer and fiduciary registration of shareholdings.

You know your business better than anyone else. If you are considering some critical strategy or business operations, we can assist you in finding the correct alternatives to maximise your company.

You can rely on our Corporate Advisory team: it is specialised in managing extraordinary transactions in family businesses and provides you with dedicated resources, a network of international expertise and a strong history of success.

These are our strengths:

  • Specialisation: we are used to working for medium-sized family businesses
  • International Network: the Italian team is part of a network of over 60 professionals operating in Europe, Asia and Latin America. An important network providing privileged access to every counterparty in the world.
  • Support in conflicts of interest: we do not directly offer corporate credit nor do we perform any Private Equity activities. This makes us absolutely independent when identifying the best counterparty for our clients.
  • Synergies: our team regularly works with the entrepreneur’s trusted professionals providing constant support
  • A success story: A high number of transactions closed at a national and international level

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