Family Advisory Your efforts today make your family wealth last.

Sustaining family wealth means addressing a host of important questions. Among them: What is unique about your family? How do you transmit the family values to the next generation? How do you manage joint family assets?

Family Advisory

UBS Family Advisory assists wealthy individuals and families in managing their wealth for continuity. Leveraging a global team of experts we apply a systematic approach assisting you in developing and implementing a unique and sustainable strategy for your family.

How can you benefit from our expertise?

Family governance advisory

We support you in developing and implementing a family strategy and governance framework. We provide assistance when defining the set-up of a family council, an effective philanthropy strategy and the set-up of ownership structures.

Family office advisory

We support-you in designing a suitable platform for your family or help you to perform a comprehensive review of your current arrangements. We also assist you in the definition of a proper risk management framework.

Family business advisory

Effective family business governance helps to translate family engagement into a competitive strength. We provide best practice advice and can assist clients in developing family business governance framework.