Investment process Structured for your success

This is all about creating investment strategies that enable us to protect and grow your wealth together, by understanding your needs, long-term objectives, risk tolerance and risk capacity.
Our structured approach provides timely and tailored investment solutions that meet even the most complex needs.

How does it work?

At UBS, we have developed a systematic, step-by-step process which brings together the expertise of our investment specialists and client advisors, so that we can understand your goals, keep tabs on the markets, and identify the right opportunities tailored to your needs.

Finally, our goal is the same as yours: to protect and grow your wealth.

Find out how our vision is the basis for all our investment decision.

The strengths of the UBS Client Promise Value Chain

  • We have a truly global and robust investment management process.
  • We give you a sense of control and provide you with astute opinions.
  • We emphasize a structured, disciplined approach to investing - starting with an understanding of your profile before providing advice and solutions. Based on this understanding, we make any adjustments you may need.
  • We provide bespoke advice at institutional level for private investors.