Entering choppier waters

Questions you can ask your UBS Financial Advisor

  • After the recent volatility, will calm return to the markets?
  • How can I position my portfolio for the environment ahead?
  • What can I do to prepare for the next correction?

While the worst of the stock market’s volatility is likely behind us for now, investors may be entering choppier waters, in which fears of higher inflation and interest rates could start to compete with—or even overwhelm—hopes for higher growth.

Find out how you can prepare for this environment in the new issue of UBS House View, “Entering choppier waters,”from UBS CIO Americas, Wealth Management. In it, our strategists share their latest insights on how investors can capture opportunities in today's markets while also considering some counter-cyclical positions to help boost portfolio stability.

CIO sees this as a good time for all investors to review their portfolios and rebalance their equity holdings back to their strategic asset allocation targets. This issue of UBS House View also provides an update on CIO's investment strategy, which looks to take advantage of the favorable macroeconomic backdrop and February's pull-back by:

  • Retaining a preference for equities
  • Adding an overweight to materials
  • Taking advantage of higher rates

For more on CIO’s investment outlook and portfolio recommendations, read Entering choppier waters in our new, all-digital UBS House View, which brings our insights to life with new visuals and graphics and new sections like "Questions we're tracking" and "Pivot to planning."

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