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At UBS, we understand that your wealth is about far more than your portfolio, and we share the passion and commitment many of our clients have for art.

This commitment translates into a rich program of initiatives, including the UBS Art Collection, recognized as one of the most significant corporate collections of contemporary art in the world, our partnership with Art Basel, the globally recognized contemporary art fair, and collaborations with some of the most iconic museums and institutions around the world.

In Italy we support and promote art initiatives through partnerships with prestigious museums, institutions and art foundations, allowing us to organize previews, exclusive events and unique experiences for our clients.

A significant collection of contemporary photographic works by internationally renowned and mostly Italian photographers, including Franco Fontana, Gabriele Basilico, Mimmo Jodice, Luigi Ghirri and Massimo Vitali, is on permanent display in the client areas of our offices.

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For art collectors: advice, events and solutions

While each art collection is driven by individual personal motivations, every great collection is underpinned by passion. But this alone is not enough to create and build a true cultural and commercial legacy. Turning your vision into a reality requires long-term partnerships such as ours, built on understanding and trust.

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UBS Art Advisory is a guide for art collectors with the highest standards of quality, experience and professionalism in the creation and management of the collection, in the transactions of works of art, but also in all due diligence processes on works and external suppliers to avoid any financial and reputational risk.

Whether you're building, managing or passing on your collection, our specialists can help you in pursuing your passion, navigating the intricacies of enhancing up your art collection and securing your art legacy for future generations.

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Art opens a window into our complex and unpredictable world. It brings people together, opens conversations, and changes perspectives.

UBS Art Collection

The UBS Art Collection includes more than 30,000 paintings, photographs, drawings, sculptures and video art by young talents and internationally renowned artists from the second half of the twentieth century. It is considered one of the most significant corporate collections of contemporary art in the world, and a selection of its works is frequently exhibited in the most illustrious museums.

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UBS Art Basel and UBS Global Market Report

Dal 1994 UBS è sponsor principale di Art Basel, la più importante fiera internazionale di arte moderna e contemporanea al mondo, che ospita quasi 300 gallerie provenienti da ogni angolo del mondo. Un appuntamento imperdibile che ogni anno richiama oltre 60.000 persone da tutto il mondo tra collezionisti, galleristi, artisti e appassionati d’arte.

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