Set up your Mobile Banking

Set up your Mobile Banking

Ready to go in 5 steps

Step 1

Download the UBS Mobile Banking app to carry out your banking transactions whenever you want, wherever you want

With the UBS Mobile Banking app for smartphones, you can keep your accounts under control wherever you are, carry out payments quickly, or trade securities. Activate the app in E-Banking under "Settings > Mobile Banking" and then download it as an iOS or Android version.

  1. Download the UBS Mobile Banking app for Android or iOS to your smartphone.
  2. Log in with your Access Card and card reader or Access Card Display
  3. Follow the instructions in the UBS Mobile Banking app.
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Step 2

Keep a constant overview of your assets

See all the information you need about your accounts and account movements at first glance. Choose the accounts, custody accounts and portfolios you want to be able to access in the app under "Offerings > Mobile Banking" in E-Banking.

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Step 3

Activate Push notifications to receive information about account movements

On request, UBS Mobile Banking app will inform you about account movements automatically by Push notifications. Activate Push notifications under "Menu > Push notifications".

For instance you can set up notifications for the following:

  • Debits and credits to your account
  • The status of payments and stock exchange orders
  • If the balance in your account falls below or exceeds a certain amount
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Step 4

Carry out account transfers quickly and easily in the app

Make payments whenever you happen to have time.
It’s possible now with the UBS Mobile Banking app. The payment assistant recognizes payment recipients on record as soon as you have typed in the first three letters or numbers

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Step 5

Use UBS Quotes to get up-to-date information about the financial markets

UBS Quotes gives you news about international financial markets as well as financial data and research information. You can find the latest Euro exchange rate at any time for example at "UBS Quotes > Foreign currency converter". Or you can create a virtual portfolio at "Quotes > Virtual portfolio", to try out different investment strategies risk-free.

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