Accessibility and diversification - Funds and Sicav

Accessibility and diversification - Funds and Sicav

UBS offers an open-architecture platform with more than 3,000 UBS investment funds and selected management companies.

A wide universe: knowing how to go about it is essential.

To assist the clients who wish to invest in funds basing on UBS advice we provide the expertise of a team of dedicated professionals together with the value of a structured selection process.

What is our selection process for funds and Sicav?

Quantitative analysis

We launch an initial analysis on over 60,000 funds, taking into account risk, yield, minimum dimensions and further parameters.

Qualitative analysis

We perform a further qualitative analysis on approximately 3,600 funds. We interview all fund managers in detail to exclude those who are not in line with UBS.


Only after a careful suitability scrutiny of their managers and the Investment Committee approval will 50 top investment funds be identified, which will then become part of our investment solutions.

Funds: what are the benefits?

  • Diversification: they invest in a mix of instruments to increase opportunities and mitigate risks, as opposed to investments in individual securities.
  • Access to the markets: they can access markets often hardly accessible for private investors, compensating for the complexity and high costs which are generally involved and compatibly with your risk appetite.
  • Wide range: they differ in terms of asset classes, sectors, markets and currencies.
  • Professional management: they rely on rigorous processes of investment, advanced control and risk management techniques so that you can seize the best earnings opportunities on the international financial markets.
  • Liquidity: great flexibility as you can disinvest anytime.