Financing services

At some point in our lives, most of us need extra money to cover short or medium-term needs. You may be exploring a new business opportunity or have your eye on your next property. Come and see us to discuss a cost-effective and flexible solution that works for you.

UBS Lombard Credit

Do you need additional short-term liquidity without freeing up investments or changing your long-term strategy? Are you looking to take advantage of new market opportunities but don’t have the liquidity you need?

With UBS Lombard Credit, you can open a credit account using your current portfolio as collateral for a loan.

The loan you receive will reflect your preferences, and the creditworthiness and value of the securities in your portfolio.

Why UBS Lombard Credit?

  • Keep your assets – there's no need to sell any of your portfolio.
  • Capitalize your interest - you may be able to add the interest to the loan.
  • Variable loan facility - draw on this cash reserve as you need it, and pay it back knowing you'll only pay interest on the credit you’ve used.
  • Tailor your borrowing - the loan amount, currency and timeframe are customized to your needs.

Credit and mortgage loan

Do you need additional liquidity and want to obtain a loan using one of your properties as collateral? Have you found a property you want but would like to avoid freeing up your investments?

With UBS, you can access two financing solutions that allow you to either unlock the guarantee of a residential property as additional liquidity or purchase another property.

Why UBS credit and mortgage loans?

Equity release can be the right choice if you:

  • Need financing in the form of additional liquidity
  • Can use one of your properties as collateral.

A mortgage loan can be right for you if you want to:

  • Buy an additional residential property using another owned property as a guarantee
  • Avoid touching your assets or changing your investment strategies.