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When you manage your wealth the right way, it's amazing what you can achieve. With UBS, your assets are accessible and easy to regulate from almost anywhere, worldwide. You have the opportunity to achieve your personal goals and aspirations with solutions unique to you and your needs. We at UBS are right by your side, supporting and aiding you regarding private banking, investment banking and wealth and asset management. The safety of your wealth is at the heart of everything we do.

UBS Digital Banking

Stay connected with UBS: With UBS Digital Banking, you'll always know how your investments are performing. You can connect easily from everywhere, and stay up to date with the latest global market news. Securely, reliably and fast.

Cyber security is our top priority. This is why we use the highest security standards to protect our Online Services.




Some situations might require additional liquidity: would you like to take advantage of new investment opportunities without mobilizing the already implemented strategy? Or would you rather develop new professional or personal projects? In any case we can assess together the best financing solution to meet your needs.

Securities-backed Financing

This is the solution that can best meet your liquidity requirements in the short to medium term - for important projects or to seize an interesting opportunity.

Real Estate Financing

It is a financing instrument enabling you to attract additional liquidity or finalize the purchase of a new property by using a residential property you already own as a collateral.

Protect and Give

Protect and Give

We work every day to make sure that unforeseen market events do not damage your investments. But we also do much more. We help you protect your financial tranquillity as well as that of your loved ones, we assist you in your philanthropic projects and advise you on how to invest paying attention to environment and society.


Would you like to look to your future as well as to that of the people you most care for with confidence? Our Life Insurance solutions with capital guaranteed as well as our Composite and Unit-linked Policies can give you many advantages in terms of succession and investment optimization, enabling you to invest in a diversified range of Internal Funds and to state your beneficiaries, be they your loved ones, an institution or a company.


We can help you decide how and where to give, to ensure that your philanthropy is personal and rewarding.

Sustainable Investments

Would you like to contribute to the solution of social or environmental problems? We can advise you on how you can get the most out of your financial investments without missing out on your earnings potential.

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